There's A New Phone Scam Happening And This Time, It's Specifically Targeting Grandparents

May 09, 2017

There's a new scam circulating and this time, it's specifically targeting grandparents. This is known as the "hey grandma" scam or the "grandparent scam" where con artists are tricking senior citizens by pretending to be their grandchildren in need. According to CBS News, the con artists pretend to be the grandchild pleading for money over the phone.

The scam begins with something that grandparents surely adore - a phone call from their dear grandchild, or so they're lead to believe. It almost always will end with a desperate plea for money. Any good grandparent wants to make sure that their grandchildren are well taken care of and never want to see them in need in any way. They will move heaven and earth for their sweet grandkids.


Scammers have been making more than $10,000 a day by tricking senior citizens into thinking that they have been arrested and are in need of bail money. CBS News interviewed a former scammer and he explained just how they pull off this horrible scheme.

"We target people over the age of 65, mainly, because they're more gullible," the criminal stated. "They're at home. they're more accessible. Once you get hem emotionally involved, then they'll do anything for you."


You never would assume that you would be a victim of such a scam, but depending on how well the criminal pulls it off, anyone can fall for this. The criminals have a special script that they follow that really sounds genuine and believable, causing many senior citizens to easily fall for this dreadful scam. To find out how to quickly decipher if the call is real, check out the tips on the following page.


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