No One Thought These Adorable Puppies Would Ever Be Able To Walk. With Each Other's Help And A Lot Of Love They Proved Everyone Wrong


No matter if you have a pet or not, one thing most of us can agree on is that puppies are the most adorable things in the whole world. They trust you implicitly, they want to play constantly, and when they try to be intimidating they simply look even cuter than before. David and Goliath are two such puppies that simply melted the hearts of everyone they met. 

When my dog, Apollo, was just a puppy, he was playful and energetic and always kept me entertained. David and Goliath and many other puppies have a little bit of a harder start than others do, however. David and Goliath had some issues when they were growing up, but nothing could stop them from living their life to the fullest and overcoming every obstacle.


When David, the puppy, was born, he was as cute as a puppy could ever hope to be. His family could not get enough of him but they noticed something odd about his behavior. David would not use his legs to move around. He would simply stay on his belly and paddle around with his legs.

The family thought it was cute at first, but when they would try to help David walk they realized his legs weren't strong enough to support him. David had a disorder known as swimmers syndrome. This meant that while regular puppies would be able to stand at around 3 weeks of age, David was not able to, due to weak muscle development.


David's family was concerned that he may never walk and the there were talks of having him put down. But, the family was not about to give up in David so easily and David seemed more determined than ever to defy the odds. The family looked into many different treatments to help David and decided they would do them all until one of them worked.

David started going to therapy to see if his legs could be strengthened. He went through hydrotherapy first. Then his veterinarian taped his legs and help him stand. They even tried putting splints on David's legs to help strengthen them.


While the therapy was helping David improve, he still was not 100%. His veterinarian and his family still refused to give up on him, however, and soon another helper came into David's life that would help him reach his goals. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY...

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