Oreo Just Announced Their New Flavor. Wait Until You See What's in the Middle of the Cookie!!


Who doesn't adore a good Oreo?

I mean what's to to love? They seem to be just the right size and sweetness to nip your sweet tooth in the bud.

While the classic flavor will always reign king, it's super fun to keep up with their latest flavors and give them a try too!

Oreo just announced their newest flavor and from the sounds of it, it WON'T disappoint.


Let's all join in celebration together to cheer for Chocolate Covered Strawberry flavor!!

It's mind-blowing and mouth-watering all at once.

There is delectable chocolate creme filling, but in the center of the chocolate is a perfectly placed dollop of strawberry filling.


If you ask me, it is the perfect balance of chocolate to berry and will satisfy any Oreo lover.

Have you tried this flavor out yet? Tell us your thoughts!!

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