Out Of Nowhere, This Parrot Begins To Belt Out A Tune. The Footage Captured Of This Moment Is Cracking Everyone Up


Pets have a way of making life better than we ever could have imagined. Not only are they miraculous companions, they also brighten up even the dullest moments. Whether you're a dog person, cat person, or even a bird person, they all make us feel the same way.

Birds have become an increasingly popular pet among families. They not only are stunning in appearance but they are unbelievably intelligent and charming with personality galore! They have a way of lighting up every room and can keep you entertained for hours on end.


If you've spent any time at all on the internet lately, you likely have come across plenty of bird videos. These videos showcase the vast talking talents of birds, all copying their human's speech or even singing a song. They're some of the most gifted pets on the planet and we love to be entertained by them.

This little bird in the video below is one to watch, that's for sure! Don't let the sharp looks fool you, he's got a lot of hidden talent going on. It's one that some birds also share, but none can rival the talent of this feathered fellow.


His show-stopping, jaw-dropping skill is that he has the voice of a feather-adorned angel. His vocal skills could rival any artist on the radio right now! Most of the time, only humans can hit the high notes this little guy can sing better than any I've heard before.

In my humble opinion, I think this neon cutie could fly into any recording studio and cut a record deal. He's that good! After watching him, it makes me wonder why I've never gotten a pet bird before. Think of all the entertainment you'd have!

Check out the following page to hear his bird-tastic skills. If he did ever choose to make a cd, I'd be first in line to purchase it. Watch out, American Idol, he's coming for you!



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