People Are Putting This Under Their Sheets At Night, Swearing That It Helps With Sleep


Bedtime is either a love or hate relationship. If you ease into sleep and dream happily like a little baby, you definitely adore this time of day. If you struggle drifting or even staying asleep, you surely feel the opposite.

Those who suffer from leg cramps know this all too well. They toss and turn, and when they're almost asleep, those dreadful cramps come shooting in, causing your eyes to pop open once again.


Information recently came out announcing that this one simple trick can help cure your nighttime woes and it's incredibly easy to do. Those who have loyally experimented with this method swear by it. Before climbing into bed for the night, slip a bar of soap under your bedsheets.

This old remedy is said to help prevent nocturnal leg cramps that keep you awake in the night. While it hasn't been scientifically proven, those that have tried it say that it has been a total game-changer.


 Some have said that not every brand of soap will do the trick. They advise against using Dial and Dove. They even say that it doesn't really matter as to where the soap bar is placed under the sheets. I suppose you just try out different places and see what would work best for you.

One expert commented on this new trend, stating, "If you are experiencing cramping, it's important to look at your hydration first. You want to make sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day."

While it might not be the magical cure-all for everyone, some say it has drastically changed their sleeping ability for the better.

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