Rare Sighting Of A Pink Dolphin: Take A Look At This Beauty And You'll Fall In Love



Captian Eric Rue made the discovery of the pink dolphin he named PINKIE, for obvious reasons, while he was out on his boat off the coast of Louisiana. Rue is a charter boat captain for Calcasieu Charter Service in Lake Charles, Louisiana. 

He believes he is the first to spot this beautiful creature and he has spent a lot of time following her around. In his opinion, she is a normal dolphin but she is just pink. It is unclear how she became this color but what is clear is that she is a magnificent sight to see.


"Dolphins have pink bellies, so I just kind of started off thinking that this is a genetic glitch," he said. "If it was albino I believe it would be white. I've changed what I thought over time, as I analyzed the pictures I have."

Other than it being pink and her eyes not opening all the way, it's a perfectly normal dolphin and does all the things the rest of them do. He continued, "It's interesting to know things like that exist in the world and it's really beautiful to see that."


Rue says that Pinkie's been a local celebrity. People now take trips on Rue's charter to see her for themselves. "I think many are a bit surprised when they actually see it and it's actually bright pink like we've told them," Rue said. "They say 'Oh my gosh it's really pink.' They are surprised that it's just the way we described it to them. It's very stunning to look at," he added. "Everyone whips out their cell phones to try and capture a picture, or video of it and of course we accommodate."

While all dolphins are incredible to see, Pinkie tops the charts with her rare pink hue. People freak out to see her in the water. It's not often you see a pink dolphin in the sea. Watch the video below and see her for yourself:

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