Rescued Dog Leads Her Rescuers On A 2 Mile Trek Into Back Country. When They Hear The Sound Of Puppies They Finally Understand [VIDEO]


Dogs seem to have a sixth sense about certain things. My family dog, Benji, always seemed to know when someone was sad or sick in our house. Dogs also have a unique way of communicating with humans. Benji would pull and tug at my pant leg whenever he had something important to show me. The video in this story shows that special kind of communication between a dog and her rescuers, which led to an amazing discovery.


One day, a rescue team found a stray dog who needed help. The dog was obviously in distress and could not be consoled. There was one other thing that made the dog stand out. She was nursing. There were no puppies in sight, however, so the rescuers transported the dog to a shelter to monitor her. The rescuers knew the puppies were out there somewhere, so it was only a matter of time before the mama went looking for them.


After a few days, the rescuers noticed that the dog kept trying to escape and eventually succeeded. The dog disappeared for hours at a time on multiple occasions. The rescuers could not stand it any longer, so one night they took the dog on a walk, in hopes that she would lead them to wherever she had been venturing off to. The plan worked! CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY... [VIDEO]



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