Rescued From Captivity This Gorgeous Tiger Now Lives In Freedom And Gained The Courage To Take His First Swim


Whenever I went to the zoo as a child, the first, and quite frankly the only thing I wanted to see when we arrived was the Tigers like Hoover. While the rest of my family went to see other animals, I would sit in front of the Tiger enclosure and watch them for hours. Something about them spoke to me and I desperately wanted them to be free.

Maybe not while I was in the zoo because that would be dangerous. I always imagined what it would be like to see tigers, especially ones like Hoover, run free in the wild. After being rescued from a circus, Hoover took full advantage of his new freedom.


Hoover, the Tiger, was as majestic as one could imagine a Tiger would be. His eyes and stripes captivated people all over the world. Hoover was a circus trained Tiger that performed for audiences on an almost daily basis.

Despite the love that he received from audiences, behind the scenes, Hoover had a rough life. Hoover spent a majority of his time in a small cage, traveling from location to location. It was not a fitting life for such a majestic animal.



Luckily for Hoover, his life of captivity came to an end when Big Cat Rescue stepped in and shut the circus down. Using wild cats for entertainment had been made illegal in the area where Hoover was being kept. Hoover had no idea that the rescue group had been looking for him for quite some time.

For 6 long months, the rescuers had been tracking Hoover and the circus that was transporting him. They had come dangerously close to shutting the circus down once, but the owners of the circus were able to evade the rescuers. However, the rescue team would not give up on Hoover and the other animals in the circus.


Once the rescuers caught up to the circus again, there was no way they were letting them get away again! Once the circus was shut down and Hoover was rescued, the rescuers were determined to right the wrongs that had been done to Hoover. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY...

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