Rescued Pitt Bull Pup Is Too Afraid To Move. Stays In Corner For Two Days. What Makes Her Feel Safe Again Will Melt Your Heart [VIDEO]


When rescuers from Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue mission found Nala she was frightened and alone. The rescuers immediately brought her to the shelter to take care of her. When Nala was put into her kennel, she immediately went to the back corner and laid down. No matter what the rescuers did, Nala would not move from her corner.  


Whatever had happened to Nala obviously left some emotional scars on her. Nala was too afraid to trust people, even the people that saved her. Nala would hardly eat and the rescuers couldn't figure out how to help her.


Two days passed and Nala had not moved from corner. The owner of the rescue mission, Abbey, went in where Nala was staying and attempted to coax her out of her corner. No matter how much love Abbey showed toward Nala, the poor pup just stayed where she was. Abbey decided it was time to bring in her secret weapon. 



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