Rescuer Reported Norman As “One Of The Worst Cases I Have Ever Witnessed Myself.” But With The Will To Live, Watch The 10 Years Of Abuse And Neglect Fade And His New Chapter Begin!


Sad, neglected and abused dogs are unfortunately common stories that occur more often than many are aware.  Norman had experienced 10 years of mistreatment which resulted in malnourishment, no strength, loss of hair, long over grown nails, multiple skin diseases, and partial blindness and deafness.  When one of the rescuers arrived at the scene she reported Norman as, “one of the worst cases I have ever witnessed myself.”  The love of a human had not entered Norman’s life for a very long time, if ever.  Norman was lifeless but the sight of the rescuers automatically gave Norman a slight glimpse of hope.  Even though he could barely move he mustered up any little energy he had and forced himself to stand.  With a thankful heart, Norman wagged his tail and indulged in the food set before him. Norman wanted a second chance to live, but was his will to live great enough to conquer the horrible shape that he was in?  One thing was for certain, Norman needed immediate medical care asap!



Norman was transported to a veterinary clinic where they conducted immediate medical attention and through the administering of IV fluids and physical therapy, the new long road ahead of Norman had begun.  Moving forward he no longer had to endure being lost in a park, hungry, neglected or abused.  From this point forward Norman’s life had been forever changed and he would only experience love through the treatment given by the medical boarding facility and eventually his foster home.  



Through his determination and will to live, Norman was adopted into a forever home where any conditions that he might still experience no longer became an obstacle in his life.  Norman's new forever family revamped his forever home to fit the life of Norman so he could live life to the fullest.  Norman is a great example that no past is too great, even if considered the “Worst case” that anyone has witnessed.  The will to live is truly in every single one of us.  Hold your head up high and muster the little energy to conquer the task in front of you as quoted by Dean King in Skeletons on the Zahara:  A True Story of Survival,  “What’s the use of lying down to die as long as we can stand up and walk.” 

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