Rescuers Find Abandoned Baby Rhino. When They Realized Her Situation, They Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes


Baby animals of every shape and size need love and affection. Much like humans, animals thrive on the nurturing love of a parent. Sadly, wild animals run the risk of losing their parents to human or non-human predators. Once a baby animal is orphaned, its chance of survival is extremely slim.


 A two-month-old white rhino named Nandi was living this unfortunate nightmare. She tragically lost her mother to poachers. Miraculously, Nandi was able to escape the poachers before they got her too. Even though she was extremely lucky to be alive, it was only a matter of time before she, too, would pass away from being alone without her mother.


Used to having her mother fend for her and feed her, she wandered aimlessly around, unable to locate food for herself. She resorted to eating sand because she had no other option. If she had continued down this path for much longer, she surely wouldn't have made it.

In the nick of time, though, her fate changed for the better, leaving her with a life she could never have reached on her own. Check out the rest of the story on the following page.


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