Rescuers Save A 2-year-old Little Girl And Her Baby Brother From A Over-Turned Truck In Flood Waters.


cutefloodthumb.jpgWow, this is a video that hits all the emotions and feelings. It's hard to watch but I promise there is a happy ending.

Phillip and Emily Ocheltree's truck overturned during a monster tornado in Myrtle Springs, Texas.


This caused them to be stuck upside down in floodwaters with their baby boy, Marshall and a 2-year-old girl, Addy, trapped inside. 

That's when good samaritans sprang into action. The video shows men and women jumping into the water, trying to break open the windows and doors. You can hear one man shout out, "I need a knife! A sharp knife! Come on."

As more rescuers came to help, they make a shocking discovery... "I got a baby! Call 911!" said one man. Inside the truck, they found Addy and her brother, both not breathing. 


But thanks to the heroic actions of ordinary people, both children are alive and well today. "You have no idea how good it feels to know people were there to help," Emily said of the rescuers.  You can watch the original video below to see these heroes in action.

This situation could have turned out very different if it hadn't been for everyday, ordinary people who did something extraordinary. The family was able to meet one of their heroes and thank him for saving their children lives.

Watch that video below:

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