Rescuers Were Called When A Pit Bull Was Spotted In Some Bushes. When They Saw What Was Attached To His Head They Knew They Were His Only Hope [VIDEO]


One day, some neighborhood residents spotted a pit bull wandering around the streets. The people were not sure if the dog was a stray or not, but they did notice that it was behaving in a rather peculiar way. Then the residents realized that the dog had something stuck on his head. 


Residents called animal rescuers to come and investigate so that they would not scare the dog away. When rescuers arrived the pit bull had disappeared. After some searching, rescuers found the dog hiding in some bushes. As they approached the dog, they finally saw what was stuck on his head. 


The dog got his head stuck in a large plastic jar. The jar covered the dogs head completely. The poor pup had been unable to eat or drink for four days. The rescuers knew they had to work quickly to free the pup from the jar. 



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