Shopping Game Show ‘Supermarket Sweep’ Is Coming Back to Television!

November 15, 2017

It’s a shopper’s, T.V. lovers, game- show fanatic’s dream come true-  the hit game show series “Supermarket Sweep” come making it’s way to daytime cable! On October 13, 2017, FremantleMedia announced that it had acquired global rights to the hit T.V. series. The original series came out in 1965 and last for nearly 4 decades!

The popular game show gave contestants a chance to win thousands of dollars while shopping name brands and recounting popular jingles and trademark phrases used in trending marketing. The show quickly became popular and remained a hit even through two hosts and three viewing networks.

Supermarket Sweep was made popular by its upbeat energy and fast-paced contestant frenzy. The most well- known element of the game was what happened in the last 5 minutes of the show: The Big Sweep; Music rang as contestants ran around the store trying to find the most expensive of the store’s items. With the upbeat music, and the adrenaline of potentially winning the cash prize of $5,000, contestants - and viewers- were in an enthusiastic race.

When FremantleMedia shared that they owned global rights to the show, fans and wannabe contestants practically went into overdrive! Vasha Wallace, the FremantleMedia Executive Vice President of Global Acquisitions and Development said, “the time is right” of re-introducing the beloved game show. He said it’s a great time to capitalize on the show’s encouraging concept towards the message: Everyone is a shopper, everyone is a winner and NO Losers!

Wallace hopes to update the show specifically for the millennial generation and plans on implementing more trending versions of shopping such as online shopping, coupons, and international products. While FremantleMedia hasn’t released a date for the show’s return, there is speculation that will return to television in Fall 2018, along with another missed game show: “Shop ‘Til You Drop.”

We hope to see “Supermarket Sweep” make another return to the screen just in time for the cooler weather by this time next year!