Soldier Meets Puppy In Iraq And Falls In Love Instantly. One Month After He Returns Home The Two Are Reunited In The Best Way Possible.


Our servicemen and women overseas are true heroes. They serve, day in and day out, risking their lives to protect the freedoms we often take for granted. One of my best friends was completely changed by his experience serving in the military. He would tell me that the most important thing while he was over there, was the friends he had next to him. The soldier in this story makes a very special, furry friend while serving in Iraq and was determined to never say goodbye to him.


One day, on an army base in Iraq, a small puppy made his into the barracks. The soldiers inside were surprised to see such a small puppy wandering around, but they were no less excited to see him. The puppy instantly won the hearts of every single soldier on the on the base. One soldier named Ken Wyrsch took a particular liking to the pup.


Wyrsch and his unit named the puppy Ollie, and Wyrsch basically took on the duty of raising and caring for Ollie ever single day. Ollie was very loving and did not have many protective instincts, so Wyrsch took special care to make sure Ollie stayed out of danger. When Wyrsch's unit disbanded and he was sent back to the states, however, he had to leave Ollie behind. Wyrsch was heartbroken but was determined to see Ollie again, no matter what it took. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY... [VIDEO]


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