Stray Dog Comes And Asks Man For Food But Doesn't Eat It. When He Follows Her Home He Realizes It's Not For Her [VIDEO]


Life often presents us with opportunities to be good Samaritans. It could be helping someone on the side of the road or simply paying for someone else's meal when you are out to eat. The same is true when it comes to animals. You may adopt an animal from a shelter or, like the man in this story, offer food to a hungry animal. The man had no idea, however, what the dog was about to do with the food he gave her.

One day, on a crowded street, a man and his family were looking to buy some lunch. They finally found a cart that was selling chicken legs and the man eagerly bought a bag. As the man and his family dug into their lunch, they noticed a small dog approaching them.


The dog made her way through the crowd, stopping here and there to look up at the people passing by. When she finally got to the family, the dog simply sat down at the man's feet and looked at him. The man noticed the dog looked undernourished and knew she was probably hungry.

The man graciously took one of the chicken legs out of the bag and offered it to the small dog. The little dog gratefully took the chicken from the man's hand but, to the man's surprise, did not eat the food. Instead, the dog turned around and made her way back through the crowded street.


The man and his family were confused so the man decided to follow the dog to see what was wrong. The dog carefully made her way through the crowded streets, turning this way and that way, taking great care to not drop the piece of chicken. The man assumed that the dog was looking for a quiet place to have her meal but she was moving quickly, as though she was on a mission.

The man almost lost sight of the dog multiple times and nearly gave up but was able to spot her again. The man could not figure out where the dog was going. Surely, it would have been easier just to sit down and eat her food but the dog seemed unwilling to stop until she reached a specific destination.


All at once the dog picked up her pace even more. The man could tell they were getting close to wherever the dog had been searching for. The dog's mission was almost complete and the man was about to find out just how important her mission actually was. The video on the next page shows the entire chase. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY...

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