Stray Dog Lives Outside in Shoebox for Months, Rescuers Immediately Jump Into Action When They See How Sick She Is


Sometimes dogs need a helping hand in life so when Hope For Paws Rescue heard about a stray dog living in a shoebox they knew they needed to jump in to help. The dog they would name Princess, had been living in a shoebox for five months where she had been continuously exposed to the elements. When they arrived, the small dog was wet and cold and desperately in need of their help

When they arrived, they saw Princess laying on her box outside of someone’s house. When they asked the homeowner, he told them the dog wasn’t his and it had shown up one day a few weeks ago and he’d been feeding the gentle stray since. However, when they went to pick up Princess they were able to see first hand just how rough her life had been - she was missing one of her front legs.


The rescuers immediately took Princess back to the shelter where she received a warm bubble bath to help wash away all the fleas she was infested with. She was quite literally covered in fleas when they started. Princess never fought the gentle care of the rescuers once.

After her bath, they took her to the vet to see what all was wrong with their new sweetheart. As if losing one leg wasn’t bad enough, the fleas had left her quite anemic. Princess had to stay at the vet’s office for weeks as they fought to help her overcome the sickness.


Thankfully, with a heavy dose of love and care, Princess was able to overcome the sickness she had endured for so long. As she grew healthier and stronger, this sweet dog began to show off her true personality. Princess is an amazing dog with a never say die attitude and she can find a friend in anyone.

Princess was able to be saved from what would have been an almost certain death because someone was willing to step in and speak up for her. Who knows where she would be today if they had never told the rescuer about this adorable girl. 

Princess was placed up for adoption through the Smooch Pooch Rescue. Here’s hoping that this charming little dog finds herself a kind and loving home. 

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