Sweet Little Girl Grew Up With Three Pugs. Each Of Them Played A Special Role In Her Life. Their Relationship Will Melt Your Heart


When little Kennedy was born, her parents were overcome with happiness. She was their first child and they felt blessed beyond belief. When they brought her home, Kennedy's parents immediately introduced her to the two furry companions that had been patiently waiting to meet her. 

Their names were Barnum and Bailey, the family pugs. When Barnum and Bailey heard the news that they were getting a new baby sister, they were ecstatic and immediately started preparing for the new arrival. Because pugs literally thrive on human companionship, they were the perfect little friends to welcome Kennedy home.

The pug duo loved Kennedy from the moment they laid eyes on her. It wasn't long until the pugs were taking naps right beside their new little companion. As Kennedy grew, so did her relationship with her two doggie buddies. The three siblings became inseparable in every way. As Kennedy learned to talk, most of her words were words of love and affection towards her doggie siblings.

Kennedy soon developed a unique relationship with each of her pug friends. Barnum was her nighttime sleeping partner. Whenever Kennedy would go to sleep, Barnum was right next to her, not only as an adorable cuddle buddy but also a watchful eye during Kennedy's sleep time. Barnum, however, was also a bit of a trouble maker, but Kennedy did not mind that at all.

Bailey was Kennedy's constant protector. Rather like an overprotective older sibling, Bailey was never far away from Kennedy's side. Bailey was there at Kennedy's every beck and call, and Kennedy was always happy to have Bailey as her faithful sidekick. 

Kennedy was such a joyful little girl and had nothing but love for her doggie sisters. Kennedy had a knack for making up adorable songs and trying to sing her pug friends to sleep. Barnum and Bailey did not mind this at all.

As much as Kennedy loved Barnum and Bailey, she was about to meet another adorable pug sibling that she would form a very special bond with. A bond that melted the hearts of everyone she met. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY...

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