Teen Girl is on Her Way to Her High School Prom. Little Did She Know That an ENTIRE Police Squad Was Waiting There For Her...


in 2014, police officer Charlie Kondak was shot while on duty. After a long battle, Charlie tragically passed away, leaving behind his wife and children.

His untimely death broke the hearts of all in the town, especially his family and his work family. He was incredibly close with his police squad and they all had a hard time coping with the loss of a wonderful officer and friend.


His squad knew that Charlie's family needed them and they all joined in the bridge the gap that was left after his passing. They wanted his family to always know that they are loved, protected, and cared for because that's what Charlie would have wanted for them.

Aleena, Charlie's teenage daughter, had taken the loss very hard. She and her father were very close and his passing was almost surreal for her. On her high school prom night, all the fathers were supposed to attend. Aleena was crushed because she knew she would be attending fatherless.


Charlie's police squad caught wind of this and the knew exactly what they had to do. Check out what they did on the following page.


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