Terribly Abused Rescue Dog Finds Out He's Going To Be Adopted. When He Realizes Who It Is...


When a scared little animal gets rescued out of a terribly unfortunate situation, they often carry emotional scars with them for the rest of their lives. I know from my personal experience, we had a little terrier who had a previous owner that abused him terribly.

While it took a very long time for the little pup to learn how to trust us, he still bears the heartbreaking scars of his terrifying past. It's absolutely heartbreaking to know that some animals have to go through such terrible situations.


In this video, a little puppy had a similar situation. It's often very difficult for a formerly abused animal to find a home that can know how to handle his fragile circumstances.

When this teeny little pup was removed from horrific circumstances, he had an awful case of mange and physically was beaten down. He was a heart-breaking site.


Joey Wagner, the creator of a nonprofit animal rescue organization in Nova Scotia, found the helpless animal. Within one look, he rushed the pup to the nearest animal hospital for immediate care.

He knew that this pup needed help quickly. This little guy had never had this type of love and attention shown to him before, so needless to say, he was a bit standoffish. Click the next page to find out what happens to this little pooch.


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