The Internet Is Going Wild Over This Hysterical Doggie Dinner Party Commercial


Around every holiday season, dinner parties become more popular. You invite your friends and family to you home for a delicious, home-cooked meal. Sometimes it feels as though you've been preparing the dinner courses for days on end.

Your house is spotless, the table is decorated tastefully, and everything is in order - all you need now is the guests. Once they arrive, it's time to party!


We all have high expectations that everything will go according to plan but, without fail, drama somehow arises in the most unlikely moments.

If animals were like us, they'd understand this scenario all too well. The popular pet food brand, Freshpet, decided to stage a doggy dinner party for a commercial and the internet is going wild over it.


It's creatively shot in a way that showcases the typical guests that are around at every holiday party. You'll see the intellectuals, the disconnected teenager, the primping lady, and the grumpy uncle.

I know there are a few of these guests that definitely remind me of our holiday parties. Check out the video on the following page to watch this unbelievably hilarious video for yourself.


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