The Power Of Trust- After 2 Months Of Exhaustive Searching By Adults, A 6 Year Old Manages To Rescue A Famous Runaway Dog

cute_puppy_cover.jpgRelationships are the most precious part of this world- whether they are between two people, a pet and a person, or even two pets, they make the world go round with joy and love. I have always loved the relationships between children and pets specifically. I love how they’re so full of wonder and simple love!

I think animals feel something special with children as well; there is a beautiful sense of purity between animals and children and animals can tell when they are interacting with someone honest. In most cases, the story of pure love is powerful and can cause animals to let their guards down. Especially if the animal has been mistreated by previous owners.


One little girl, Meghan, made a decision a long time ago that she was going to live her life being compassionate and kind to animals. As the daughter of an animal foster family, Meghan has spent nearly her entire life welcoming frightened animals and encouraging them to trust her. Last year alone, Meghan’s family fostered 75 dogs in their home.

The standard Meghan had decided to live by was quickly became known amongst her town. So much so that when a runaway dog had lead adult rescuers on a two-month chase, rescuers contact 6-year-old Meghan. When she arrived at the location where the dog had been spotted, she realized this wasn’t just any runaway dog, this one of the dogs that her family had fostered months prior!


Meghan quickly recognized the dog and walked up to it. At first, the dog ran away. Meghan remained encouraged as she was reminded that she and this dog had a very special relationship. She simply sat in the grass and waited for the dog to come to her. Sure enough, the dog walked over! She even began licking her! 

As soon as the dog realized who was sitting across from her, she ran over and greeted Meghan with love! The dog, who Megahn named Daisy, was thrilled to be back in the arms of her trustworthy friend. Click "NEXT PAGE" to see what happens when these two are reunited... 

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