There Is Nothing More Adorable Than Watching This Cute Bear Fighting Off Sleep


If you've ever seen a little child or animal fighting off sleep, you know it's one of the cutest things in the entire world. This utterly adorable Malayan bear cub is in the middle of that situation right now and it is cute enough to melt the hardest of hearts.

He's just enjoying a lovely day lounging around outside. The sun is shining, the birds are sweetly chirping, and all seems well in the world. These are the perfect conditions for a long, relaxing afternoon nap.


As his eyes get heavy, his head begins to slowly droop. At the moment he's almost fast asleep, he jerks his head up and his eyes pop open once again. He just can't let himself give into sleep time.Remind you of any toddlers you know?

I have a hard time imagining a scenario where I wouldn't want to take a quick snooze, especially if I were in conditions like this little guy! Do his actions remind you of any toddlers you know?


Aside from that, he's a teeny little guy, making this scene all the more adorable. Malayan Sun Bears are about half of the size of an American Black Bear. When they're fully grown, they are around four to five feet tall and weigh between 60 to 145 pounds.

Check out this video below to see this precious little guy fight off a visit to dreamland. It's guaranteed to bring a big smile to your face within a matter of seconds!

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