There’s No Denying This Cat Is A Sweetheart- She Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve, Literally!

cute_coverkitty_thumb.jpgSometimes it’s difficult to tell what kind of person you’re meeting. Or in other cases, what kind of pet you’re meeting. Especially with rescued animals, you rarely know the personality of animal you’re taking home. That’s one of my favorite parts about rescuing though- you never know who you’ll get!

In this case, a family came to pick up a kitten. They were excited to be surprised by the fun mystery of adopting pets. However, when they went to pick out their new fur baby, they had a pretty good idea of just how sweet one kitten would be.

As soon as the family walked into the humane society, they knew they were going home with a British Shorthair cat named Zoe. They took one look at this kitten before they realized that she was the most loving cat in the world. How, you ask? Simple: She wore her heart on her sleeve. Well, on her chest really!

Literally! Zoe had a remarkable smaller black patch on her chest in the shape of a heart!

With a patch like that, you can imagine that you’re getting a sweetheart. Her adorable little patch matched her personality too; she was such a loving and gentle kitty. The family couldn't resist Zoe!

Originally, the family was only planning on one cat, Zoe’s sister, Izzy. But after seeing Zoe, they decided to get both! Click "Next Page" to see more of this adorable kitten’s striking patch...


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There’s No Denying This Cat Is A Sweetheart- She Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve, Literally!
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