These French Bulldog Puppies Have Not Stopped Playing With Each Other Since Birth. Their Relationship Is Hysterical And Heart-Melting.


When I was growing up, I had a large dog named Apollo. He was a greyhound and had the best personality. His size and energy, however, proved to be a bit tricky with the size of house we were living in. We decided it was best for Apollo to go live with my Aunt, who lived in the country where Apollo could run and play freely. We then got a dog that was much more suited to the size of our home. A French Bulldog! We named her Tea Cup and she had a ridiculous personality. The Frenchies in this story are siblings and they have the cutest sibling rivalry ever.

Arnold and Rosie were two French Bulldog siblings. From the time they were born, they had the cutest little relationship. It seemed as though their purpose in life was to play with each other, every minute of every day. You could not find Arnold very far from Rosie at any time. They would constantly play tug of war and tag. Of course, being siblings, they annoyed each other every day as well, but it never took long for them to reconcile their differences.

At the end of the day, the two adorable Frenchies lie down and go to sleep, side by side. No matter how much the two siblings got on each other's nerves, at the end of the day they needed each other. The world was a big place for these tiny Frenchie siblings, but with each other's help, they were ready to take on whatever came their way! WATCH the video below see Arnold's and Rosie's adorable relationship!

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