These Otterly Adorable Pups Have Learned To Swim


Tilly, a female North American river otter gave birth on Feb 26th at her home in the Oregon Zoo. There were three pups in the litter, but sadly one did not make it. The two that remained are a boy and a girl and they are otterly adorable! 


North American river otters live about 8 to 9 years in the wild and can live over 20 years in captivity. This is not Tilly's first rodeo as a mama, but it is her first time having two pups to care for at the same time. 

Here's mama Tilly, who was named after the Tillamook River in Oregon.


This is the first video of the pups that the Oregon Zoo released, I just love all their little squeaky noises! 

Baby river otters are born almost completely helpless and rely on their mother for all essential care. They open their eyes at around 3-6 weeks of age and start to walk by about 5 weeks. This was taken of one of the pups the first week they opened their eyes. 


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