They Were Not Sure If This Cheetah Would Ever Be Able To Run. Then They Brought In An Unlikely Best Friend To See If She Could Help! [VIDEO]


When Ruuxa, the cheetah, was a young cub, the keepers at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park noticed something odd about his front legs. 


They soon found out that Ruuxa was born with a genetic condition that caused his limbs to grow abnormally. 

The veterinarians were able to preform a surgery that corrected the growth, but they still were not sure how Ruuxa would recover. 


The question was, "Will Ruuxa want to walk". But, Ruuxa was not alone in his journey to recovery! Ruuxa was introduced to his best friend Raina, a puppy! 


Because they were introduced at such a young age, Ruuxa and Raina became as close as siblings would be! Because of Raina's companionship, Ruuxa found the desire to walk and began to recover rapidly! 



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