This 4-Year-Old Singing Moana's 'How Far I'll Go' Is The Best Thing I've Seen All Day

It's graduation time in Florida and 4-year-old Sophia is about to graduate with her pre-K class. Sophia and her classmates have prepared and practiced 2 songs for their family and friends. Her mother, Michelle Neshin said it was supposed to be a "mellow" rendition of 'How Far I'll Go' from Disney's hit movie Moana for their closing number.


But you know how it is, it is nearly impossible to contain your excitement when your favorite song comes on and little Sophia is the perfect example of that. She decides to hold nothing back. This dynamic 4-year-old's video hit the internet and shot to 11 million views on Facebook. I think it's safe to say the people like her passionate-jazz-handed-dynamic-spunky rendition too! 

“She has a huge, huge personality,” Sophia’s mom, told ABC News of her animated daughter. “She’s usually spunky and has a corky personality but that was something else, even for her. And right before the graduation when it was just about time to walk, she said, ‘I don’t want to do it. I’m so scared. There's so many people in the audience.’ On the way there she was super excited but when she lined up to get her diploma she was in tears. But she quickly got over that.”


Michelle, said she was in “utter disbelief” at Sophia's over-the-top performance. “It didn’t really hit me until after the graduation when all the parents went and found their kid and gave them flowers and people were coming up saying to me, ‘Is it awful I stopped videotaping my own kid to video yours?’”


Michelle told Babble, “When I first posted this video, it was because Sophia’s grandmother had a family emergency and couldn’t attend her graduation. I wanted her to be able to see the performance and not feel left out, never in a million years did I think 50 people would see it, let alone over 500,000. Quickly people started messaging me and telling me that her video made them laugh and had a positive impact on their day.” CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO WATCH SOPHIA'S AMAZING VIDEO... 

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This 4-Year-Old Singing Moana's 'How Far I'll Go' Is The Best Thing I've Seen All Day
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