This Abused Pit Bull Underwent An Amazing Transformation, She Never Let The Abuse Hold Her Back


Pit Bulls are an extremely loyal pet and have a very forgiving nature. In Columbia, South Carolina rescuers came across an 18 month old pit bull who has mere hours from death. The sweet girl was found with a 6.3 pound chain wrapped around her neck that was causing her face to swell. They rushed the sweet girl they decided to name Roxanne off for medical help.


When they got Roxanne to the vet’s office she was immediately placed under anesthesia so they could remove the heavily embedded chain. Removing the chain was a long process that required heavy-duty bolt cutters and calm hands to prevent further injury from occurring.  Roxanne was rushed to an emergency vet after the chain was removed as they were worried she would not be able to survive the injuries caused by the chain.


Thankfully, the swelling began to fade and she began to regain her energy levels. Rescuers believe that someone cut the chain and allowed her to make an escape. Even though this girl has suffered abuse at the hands of humans, she seems to harbor no negative feelings towards people at all!


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