This Baby Was Born With a Birthmark Shaped Like WHAT?!


The birth of a new child is one of the most exciting moments in life. You spend nine months preparing for a little human, wondering what their sweet features will look like.Will he/she have brown eyes? Black hair? A birthmark? All these questions are super common to wonder, and new parents, Murat and Ceyda Engin were no different. 

But when their little bundle of joy, Çinar Engin, was finally born, his nurses seriously could not believe their eyes...


He came into the world sporting the most UNIQUE birthmark that we've ever seen!

Murat told Daily Mail upon seeing the birthmark, "After a nurse cleaned the blood on his head, I was the first who saw the birthmark. I was really surprised. When I came closer, I realized that it was an amazing heart."


Yep, you read that correctly. Little baby Çinar had a perfectly shaped heart on his forehead!

"It was difficult for me to keep my tears," his father admitted.

When his mother saw him and his birthmark, she immediately began to cry.

"It was really like a gift from God. None of us had negative feelings. We believe that he was born with his chance," his mother said

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