Cat Was Found Protecting A Litter Of Kittens. When Rescuers Took A Closer Look, They Realized That This Cat Wasn’t Their Mother...


It was a typical day for the workers at the Homeless Animal Adoption League in Bloomfield, New Jersey. They received a phone call from an anonymous caller alerting them of an abandoned litter of kittens found on the side of the road.

Hungry and all alone, they huddled closely together to say warm. The caller said that the mother cat was found with them so he was uncomfortable picking up the whole litter in fear of angering her.



One animal rescuer said that they don't often go rescue animals just sitting on the side of the road but because of the dropping temperature outside, she knew they couldn't be left there all alone. When they arrived at the scene, they found six teeny kittens and a mother cat cuddling together in a basket.

From the looks of the situation, they were pawned off on the side of the road from someone who couldn't care for them. It was a tragic scene to see the little family cold, hungry, and all alone.

The mother cat wasn't at all aggressive but gave them a look as if she was unbelievably relieved that they had been found by loving people. They were instantly scooped up and taken back to the shelter.



Once back in the warmth of the shelter, the workers were overjoyed to find each and every kitten was found to be in excellent health. The final cat to be examined was the mother.

When they began to examine her, they got a real surprise! Check out the following page to see just what the big commotion was all about!


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Cat Was Found Protecting A Litter Of Kittens. When Rescuers Took A Closer Look, They Realized That This Cat Wasn’t Their Mother...
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