This Cat-Wrangling Cowboy Commercial Is The Most Hilarious Thing You'll See All Week!


Being the first person in a family to accomplish a particular feat is something in which one takes great pride. It can trickle down into generations, family members young and old revere you as the very person to blaze a trail before all others. You're deemed a hero, legend, and pioneering icon. It's normally the rough and tough accomplishments that make a mark for generations to come. 


The crew in the video surely lives up to those standards and are as rugged as they come. They've made their mark on the world by living out a life that not only is for the toughest of tough, but for the strong, courageous, and most determined folks around.

Meet the world's first generation of cat herders! As the cowboy in the video states, "Anybody can herd cattle, but holding together 10,000 half-wild short hairs - well, that's another thing altogether." It's clearly not a job for the faint of heart, but if you earnestly stick it out to the bitter end, it's all worth it. 


While we know that this is a hilariously fake job, a company called EDS sure made a convincing commercial! Their concept, costumes, and storyline are all enough to suck you in for the video's entirety and cause laughs galore. It's one of those kinds of videos that stands the test of time and seriously never gets old. Check out the hysterical clip below to check it out for yourself. I can guarantee you've never seen anything quite like this before!

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