Mute Little Girl Relies Heavily On Her Therapy Donkey. When Her Mother Sees This Happening, She Instantly Bursts Into Tears


Bored Panda

Sometimes the most beautiful friendships can form between the most unlikely characters. It always seems as though when we are in need of a friend, we come across someone who fills those shoes more than we ever could have imagined.

This beautiful little blonde named Amber was born prematurely. She needed immediate surgery and during the procedure, airflow was cut off from her vocal cords, leaving her completely mute. She also was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, making her life even more difficult.


Bored Panda

Her parents were heartbroken to see her struggle with difficulties in mobility and communication. They wanted to do anything to ease the life of their precious little princess. One day, her parents decided to get her a therapy animal. Within moments of meeting her new pet, things began to change.


Bored Panda

She was introduced to her new best friend, Shocks. He, too, had a pretty rough start in life. He was miraculously rescued from a terrible living situation. When they found him, he had a rope tied around his neck and his skin was covered in lesions and sores were all over his body.


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