This Hilarious Parrot Knows Just What To Do When He's Ready For Food


It seems as though hunger can strike anyone at anytime. Once the feeling hits, you can't seem to get food off of your mind. You find yourself dreaming about one meal after the next, imagining what it would be like to consume each and every scrumptious bite. 

You become so wrapped up in the dream that you almost feel as though it's reality. It's then that your stomach begins to audibly agree with your mind as it growls and rumbles loudly, waking you from your food dreams.


I remember as a young child I couldn't handle the hunger pains for long. As soon as my stomach began to feel a little less-than-full, I would run to the kitchen and ask my mom, "When's lunch going to be ready?"

I would sit at the bar and wait as patiently as possible until she finished fixing my plate. The second she set it down in front of me, I would begin devouring every crumb, bite by glorious bite. Being a kid can definitely cause you to work up an appetite!

Being an animal can surely do the same. This cutie named Einstein knows this all too well. He loves to spend his days following his owner around the house as she goes about her daily tasks. When he feels the hunger strike, he knows just what to do.


He begins to say, "Eat your lunch! Let's go to the kitchen." He would encourage his owner to head for the kitchen because his favorite dish ever was waiting there for him.

While she prepares his meal, he gets a little impatient and begins to rush her along. Who can blame him, though? That looks like a super delicious lunch to me!

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