This Loyal Dog Sits Vigil Over His Owner's Grave Every Day Then Returns Home To His Owner's Son


The love a dog has his for his owner transcends all boundaries. When Mehmet Ilhan passed away, his dog, Cesur, didn’t forget about him. Mehmet was 77 years old and had been paralyzed for years when he decided it was time to adopt a dog to help improve his life. He adopted Cesur and the two quickly became inseparable.


The two of them were the best of friends, and when Mehmet went into the hospital, Cesur stopped eating. Sadly, Mehmet passed away in the hospital and his body was brought home to prepare for burial. Cesur refused to leave the body of his beloved friend and even led the funeral procession. Cesur sat quietly next to his companion's coffin during the entire service, his head lowered.


Mehmet’s son, Ali, took the loyal dog home but Cesur never forgot his old companion. Every morning, without fail, Cesur would take off out the door and he would return every day without fail as well. One day, Ali followed the dog on his adventures only to find that Cesur was visiting Mehmet’s grave every day. 

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