This Pit Bull Was The Victim Of A Horrible Crime, Now She's Fighting Crime Every Day


Pit Bulls are an amazing dog breed who are known for their extreme loyalty and dedication to their owner. Sadly, due to their extreme loyalty the sweet dogs are often abused or taught to fight. Kiah is a true rags to riches story that shows just how amazing this breed is.


Kiah was found in a parking lot, with a vicious head wound. This sweet girl had been hit in the head with a hammer before she had been rescued. She didn’t let it stop her though, and she was a sweet, friendly pup at the shelter with boundless energy. Brad Croft saw this plucky dog and decided she’d be a great fit for his dog training - he runs an organization that trains rescue dogs to be police and swat K9’s.


Kiah passed her training with flying colors and now works with the Poughkeepsie Police Department as a missing persons and narcotics detection K9. She isn’t just a crime fighter though, this beloved K9 also works to break down the stereotypes around pit bulls. Kiah is the first pit bull police K9 in the entire state of New York.  


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