This Deaf Young Woman May Not Be Able To Hear, But She Astonished Everyone With Her Voice


Singing well takes a talent that not everyone possesses. But what happens, when singing is your passion and you can no longer hear the music? 


Meet Mandy Harvey, an incredibly brave and talented young woman. Mandy, a Jazz artist, experienced hearing loss at the age of just 18 years old due to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a group of genetic collagen disorders that affects the connective tissues throughout the body. 


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Despite her disability, Mandy has not given up on music and singing is still her passion. Mandy was chosen to audition for the judges of the television show America's Got Talent. If you have ever watched the show then you know that Simon Cowell can be a brutal judge and is not easily impressed. I would be terrified to sing in front of him! 



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For the first time ever, a contestant stepped onto the stage, sans-shoes and with an interpreter to sign what the judges were saying. Mandy does not wear shoes because she uses the vibrations in the ground to help her feel the music. 


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