Tiny Corgi Puppy Is Experiencing A Lot Of 'Firsts' And It Is The Most Adorable Thing I Have Seen All Week


Whenever you adopt an animal, you become their savior. You become the reason they wake up in the morning and the reason they have a new lease on life. You also become the reason that your new family member gets to have many new experiences. You effectively become the most important person in your new pet's life.

That is absolutely the case when it came to Kylo, an adorable corgi puppy. Kylo was only a few weeks old when he met his new parents. Kylo's new mom and dad instantly fell in love with him and could not wait to get him home. Kylo's new parents were about to introduce him to his very first car ride.

The smile on Kylo's face said it all. He was ecstatic about his new life. After his car ride, Kylo could hardly wait to see what else the world had in store for him. One he was home, Kylo explored the house. He could not believe that the big house was his to explore for the rest of his life. 

Then Kylo was taken outside and his little heart jumped for joy. Not only did he get a new house to explore, he got an amazing new backyard to run and play in. Kylo got to run through the yard and into his dad's arms for the first time. Kylo's life was filled with many more amazing "firsts" from that day on.

Soon Kylo took his first bath and got to play with his first tennis ball. Sure, the tennis ball was almost as big as Kylo's head, but that didn't stop him from taking it everywhere. Kylo even took his adorable first try at getting up the stairs. His legs and body may have been small, but his determination was gigantic!

Kylo's parents documented all of his adorable "firsts". Even his first time in the "cone of shame" was too cute for words. Kylo was taken on his first shopping adventure and was even left alone for the first time. Sure, he made a mess but his parents couldn't even be mad at him.

Along with all of his first holidays like Halloween and Christmas, Kylo's favorite "first" would always be his first and only family. Without his parents, Kylo would have missed many opportunities for his favorite first experiences. Kylo is an adorable example of what it looks like to give a puppy his best shot at life! WATCH the video below and prepare for a cuteness overload when you see Kylo experience his many "firsts".

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Tiny Corgi Puppy Is Experiencing A Lot Of 'Firsts' And It Is The Most Adorable Thing I Have Seen All Week
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