Try Not To SMILE When You Watch This Adorable Corgi And His Dad Do Literally Everything Together [VIDEO]


From the time Apollo, the corgi, was a puppy, he and his human dad have done everything together. They have taken trips to the beach where Apollo has learned to swim, enjoyed countless meals together and they even have started working out together. 


Apollo was trained as a therapy animal and when his dad picked him up they formed an instant bond. Because of his dad's anxiety disorder, Apollo has played a pivotal role in helping his dad live a great life day by day.  


Even when Apollo had to wear one of those plastic cones around his head for a while, he had the best time learning how to catch his favorite ball with it on! Apollo has also had other Corgi friends come over to play with him and his dad, but at the end of the day, no one steals dad's heart quite like Apollo has! 


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