Two Legged Dog And Giant Fluffy Chicken Are Best Friends And Are Teaching Everyone That It's Ok To Be Different


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Adopting a pet is one of the most rewarding things you will ever get to do. Not only do you get to go home with a lovable pet, but you also are providing an entirely new life for an animal that otherwise could have been put down or left in a shelter for a very long time. Apollo, my dog, had been passed over many times because of his size. But, my family and I did not see size at all. We saw a dog that needed a home and lots of love. We saved Apollo's life and he changed ours forever. The animal duo in this story was not only rescued and given a second chance at life, they also became best friends!

Alicia Williams was working at an animal hospital one day when she heard about an animal testing facility that had just been shut down. Alicia immediately asked of there were any animals in need of care and possibly a home. People informed her that there was, in fact, a unique animal in need of a home. The animal in question was a Silkie Chicken. The chicken had an odd look to it, considering its plumage was much fluffier than a normal chicken. Alicia fell in love with chicken and named her Penny. Alicia then took Penny home to start her new life.


Facebook|Roo & Penny Chicken

Penny started going to work with Alicia every single day. She became a sort of mascot around the office and everyone loved her. Because Alicia worked at an animal hospital, Penny served as a great conversation starter for visitors. Penny let everyone know that all animals were welcome in the office, no matter how different they were.

Not long after that, Alicia found another adorable animal in need of a new home and a fresh start. His name was Roo. Roo was an adorable little Chihuahua who had been abandoned by his previous owners. When Alicia met Roo at the animal hospital, she saw that he had no front legs.


Facebook|Roo & Penny Chicken

Despite his birth defect, Roo was an extremely outgoing pup who instantly took a liking to Alicia and Penny, who of course was with Alicia at work that day. Alicia adopted Roo on the spot and took him home to get him accustomed to his new surroundings. Roo had been adopted by the best mom in the world and now had the most unique and loving animal sibling in the world too.


Facebook|Roo & Penny Chicken

Penny and Roo spent every waking moment together when they were home. Alicia noticed the unshakable bond and friendship the two pets had formed and thought of a way that the two besties could help others around the community. Roo and Penny had no idea the impact they were about to have on people all over the world. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY...[VIDEO]

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