Unique Pink Puppy Born Blind And Deaf Is Given A New Start In Life By His Rescuers And New Family


Adopting an animal is an amazing and humbling experience. Each and every animal that is rescued is given a new lease on life and often develops a life-long bond with the people who rescued and adopted them. Such is the case with the adorable puppy in this story named Piglet.

Piglet, like many dogs who are rescued, was dealt a rough start in life. Because of breeding complications from his previous owners, Piglet was born blind and deaf. Piglet's previous owners were also hoarders and did not provide the best living conditions for him. Luckily, Piglet was found by animal rescuers and taken to a shelter to receive the best help possible.


When Piglet arrived at the shelter, the rescuers and doctors weighed him. They discovered that Piglet weighed less than 2 pounds, which was much too small for his breed. They started him on a healthy diet and treatment right away, so they could get him on track for his new life. 

You may be wondering how Piglet received his unique name. Well, that would be due to the fact that the little puppy was literally pink. Piglet inherited this unique color pallet because of the complications in his breeding that were mentioned already. But, this trait merely added to his cuteness.


Due to his rough start, Piglet suffered from anxiety. Not being able to see or hear did not help matters. My dad's dog went blind late in her life and suffered from anxiety just like Piglet. But, just like my dad's dog, Piglet started to learn how to cope with his disability.

Because he was blind a deaf, Piglet had trouble getting around. He had to learn how to walk and move without the use of his sight or hearing. This meant he had to learn to trust. Piglet soon learned that the people around him were there to help him, not to harm him.


Once he learned this, he started to trust his rescuers. Slowly but surely, Piglet started to get stronger. His rescuers and doctors helped him learn how to get around. They even helped him learn how to climb stairs. With Piglet progressing so well, the rescuers decided he needed a new home and they knew the perfect people for the job. The video on the next page will show just how far Piglet has come. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY...

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