Unlikely Friends: This Cat And Bearded Dragon Duo Are Taking The Internet By Storm With Their Overwhelmingly Sweet Friendship

cute_catliz_coverthumb.jpgIf I was granted three wishes, I would wish for a huge ranch, two of every kind of baby animal, and unlimited sunshine. I imagine all of my animals would spend the long days playing with each other and becoming best friends. The thought of a baby penguin playing with Gold Retriever puppy sounds like the cutest thing in the ever, however, it’s probably a next to impossible friendship.

Many times, animals tend to befriend their own species: dogs with dogs, birds with birds, and so one. But every once in awhile, two animals who are the most unlikely pair, fall into an adorable friendship. It’s not often, but when an unlikely animal friendship is sparked, it’s one of the cutest things to ever happen.

Not all animals are quick to co-exist with other animals, let alone befriend them. Take a bearded dragon for example! When I think of a bearded dragon, the first word that comes to mind is "Yikes" and the last word that comes to mind is "Friend." At first, bearded dragons don't exactly strike me as the most friendly animal. 


Can you picture a bearded dragon coexisting with another animal? Okay, now can you picture a bearded dragon befriending another animal?

I couldn’t either! Until I found the most unlikely animal pair (And believe me, I was shocked)! A bearded dragon and something soft… something cuddly… and something ultra adorable.

It’s a cat! A sweet, tiny, cuddly, and incredibly friendly little white cat. While shocking, these two are more alike than you'd think!


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