Watch What These Kittens Do When They Hear Bells Ringing!


I don't know about you but I love cats! But there is one breed of cats that I have ALWAYS wanted, I find them to be simply irresistible and that is the Persian. I mean, just look at these beauties...


Did you know: According to The Persian is usually a medium sized cat, although they are massive and heavily boned. With their masses of fur, they can appear larger than they really are.

The Persian is an extreme-looking breed. The body is short but thick with thick legs and a short, thick neck. The tail is short and the ears are small. The head is round with large, round eyes. When viewed in profile her face is flat and the nose changes direction so that what is seen is mostly the colored flesh on her nose. 

Cute_kitten_11.jpgThe coat on a Persian is thick, full and long. It is fine but should be lustrous and glossy. Have I convinced you yet to get one? Click "NEXT PAGE" to read more... [VIDEO]

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