Watching This Chicken Ride A Robot Vacuum Will Be The Funniest Thing You'll See All Day!


Chickens are a lot more interesting than we give them credit for. If you grew up on a farm, you know this all too well. While I did live on a farm with a bit of livestock, chickens were the one animal that I never got the chance to experience raising.

They are intriguing, each having their own unique personalities. Up until recently, I didn't realize just how complex these feathery farm animals truly were.


Did you know that chickens can distinguish between over 100 faces of their own species? To us, they all seem to look fairly similar but they definitely know who's who around the chicken coop!

They also have their own set of defense mechanisms. They have more than thirty different vocalizations to distinguish between threatening situations. How cool is that?


And speaking of cool, this chicken in the video below is the exact definition of cool. First of all, he appears to be quite at home indoors, which is incredible in itself. 

Secondly, the guy has found himself a mode of transportation that is better than we could've ever imagined. Who needs to walk when you can get around on a Roomba?! It's unbelievably cute and if the other chickens knew what he was up to, they'd definitely be jealous!

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