When Great Dane Is Told Not To Go Swimming, He Has The Most Adorable Protest You've Ever Heard


Great Danes are known to be some of the world's most gentle giants. Though they tower over their companions, they're as cuddly as kittens! A dog this big and this energetic can be a little daunting. Not to worry, though, because these big guys are some of the most gentle creatures you'll ever meet.

Despite their larger-than-life build, they don't always realize just how big they truly are. I've heard many say that their Great Danes think they are the size of a toy poodle and try to crawl up in their lap. While that doesn't exactly work, you have to give them credit for trying!


One thing I've noticed about dogs of every shape and size is that they have a mind of their own. They always leave us surprised when we see the silly antics they do.

When they are focused on a certain activity, they surely don't like to be told "no". Upon hearing those words, they become appalled that you would even say such a thing to them!


Sometimes, they are so bummed out that they don't get to follow through with their plans that they start to protest. This Great Dane in the video below is a prime example.

This big guy really wants to go swimming. Who can blame him? The water looks delightful on a hot, sunny day! Because he's wearing his jacket, he can't get in the water. When he hears his owners telling him "no", he doesn't seem to see what the big problem is. He begins protesting in the cutest way possible!

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