When His House Caught On Fire, This Young Deaf Boy Slept Through The Chaos. Then THIS Family Hero Came To Rescue Him! [Video]


It is no surprise that dogs are called "man's best friend." Dogs are known to be loyal to a fault and tend to love anyone and everyone who shows them affection. Most dogs are also known to be quite brave when the circumstances call for it. Even the timidest of dogs show courage when their owners are in peril. Such is the case with a dog named Ace and his human companion, Nick.

One day, Nick Lamb came home from school early in the afternoon. No one else was home so Nick decided it was a good time to go upstairs and take a nap. Nick was legally deaf in both of his ears and could not get proper rest if he left his hearing aids in. So he took them out in order to take a good nap.


Nick instantly fell fast asleep and could not hear a thing. The family dog, Ace, kept a watchful eye on Nick as he slept. Nick and Ace had a special bond so Ace was very protective of his young friend. As Nick slept, Ace made his way downstairs to survey the rest of the house.

When Ace got downstairs, he immediately sensed that something was wrong. Ace quickly moved through the house to find where the danger was and he soon found it. A corner of the house had caught fire and the flames were quickly spreading. Ace knew he had to get himself and Nick out of the house. As Ace made his way back up stairs, a loud series of popping noises filled the air. The situation was getting more serious by the second.


Ace burst into Nick's room but the young boy was still asleep. Because he did not have his hearing aids in, Nick had not heard any of the popping noises or the commotion that Ace had made when he came back up the stairs. Ace nudged Nick but nothing seemed to wake the tired boy.

Ace had to act fast. The dog jumped up onto Nick's bed and put his face right on top of Nick's face. Nick awoke with a start and had no idea what was going on. When Nick's eyes adjusted, he could see that his room was filled with smoke. Ace barked at Nick to follow him and, after grabbing one of his hearing aids, Nick followed the dog down the stairs and out the door to safety.


The flames soon engulfed the whole house but Nick and Ace were safe and sound. When the family arrived, Nick told them the entire story. Nick's father and mother were in tears as they hugged Nick and thanked Ace, the hero pit bull, for saving their son's life. Nick would be forever bonded to his guardian angel named Ace. Watch the video below to see Ace and to hear Nick's account of the story.

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