When His Parents Told Him It Was Time To Leave The Beach, This Funny Dog Did Not Take The News Well At All.


Who doesn't love going to the beach? The sand, the sunshine, the waves, what's not to love!? Growing up in California, I had plenty of opportunities to go to the beach. One of my favorite things to do was take my dog, Kali, out with me whenever I would head down to the beach.

Kali was blind but always loved being able to play in sand and waves when I took her down. I have a feeling Kali would get along great with the dog in this story. The playful dog seemed to like his beach day a little more than his owners anticipated.


One day, a lovable dog named Ninja was taken to the beach by his owners. He had a wonderful time running through the sand and swimming in the ocean. Ninja seemed to have a little too much energy for his own good.

Ninja ran this way and that way, chasing birds and other dogs. He was not about to let his day at the beach go to waste. Ninja thought he could stay at the beach forever, and he would have if his owners did not have other plans.


Ninja was enjoying his time in the water when his owners called him back. Ninja assumed he was being called so he could come get a drink of water or a snack and then return to his fun on the beach, but he was wrong. 

Ninja decided to take his time getting back to his owners because he seemed to know something was up. Why would his owners be calling him back all of a sudden? Couldn't they see he was having too much fun to be interrupted?


Then, when Ninja got close enough, Ninja realized what was going on. His owners were getting ready to leave and wanted him to put his leash on and come with them. Well, Ninja was not at all thrilled with that news. The video on the next page will show you Ninja's ridiculous reaction! CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY...

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