When Magpie Fell From A Tree, She Had No Idea She Was Falling Into A Family Who Needed Her To Save Them


Oftentimes, an animal can become the best friend anyone could ask for. When an animal is rescued, they are eternally grateful to the family that takes them in. The bond that animals forge with their rescuers and new families is often for life.

However, rescue animals are often not the only ones in need of saving. Many families that adopt dogs or any other kind of animal, often need the animal just as much as the animal needs them. It could be said that the two parties save each other in equal measure. Such is the case with the family in this story, and their Magpie companion.

One day, a family was out in their backyard when something fell from the sky. The youngest of the children ran over to see what had crash landed in their yard and let out a squeal of surprise. The family immediately ran over to see what the child had discovered.

It was a little baby magpie bird. The bird had fallen from a high branch in a tree. The family looked around for any trace of the magpie's family but discovered no sign of them. The family decided to take the little bird in and nurse it back to health.

The little magpie had no idea that she had just landed in the middle of a family that was falling apart. Not long before the little bird, which the family named "Penguin," showed up, Sam, the mother in the family, was in a terrible accident. The accident left Sam confined to a wheelchair.

Sam kept up a brave face for her family and genuinely tried to keep her happy demeanor and personality. But, inside, Sam was not happy. Sam felt like she could not help anyone anymore and, despite her family telling her otherwise, Sam felt like a burden to her family. The family tried everything they could to make Sam feel better but at the end of the day, Sam wanted to feel useful again.

Sam had given up hope of doing anything she used to be able to do. That is until she met Penguin and things started to change at a rapid pace. The video on the next page will melt your heart when you see how far Sam and Penguin have come. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY...

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