When Rescuers Got Their First Look at This Dog’s Eyes, They Immediately Knew She Needed Their Help


South Los Angeles has a reputation as being dangerous, and it’s a well deserved stereotype. It’s no place for an abandoned dog to live, particularly a small scared one. So, when Hope For Paws Rescue heard about the little pup they would eventually call Fiona, they raced into action.

When they came across Fiona, she was shaking and terrified in a pile of garbage. As they slowly approached her, they got their first glimpse at her eyes and realized that this little dog was blind. Fiona was even more terrified by their approach because she could smell them but not see them, and she urinated. She was even more afraid of moving, so she remained in her puddle as she shook.

The Rescuers gently picked up the terrified pup and took her home, where they shaved the mats out of her fur and gave her a warm bath to help remove all the fleas. After the bath, Fiona began to come out of her shell a bit and was quite affectionate with her rescuers. When they brought her to the vet, he confirmed she was 100% blind, but then came the shocking part. He was able to restore sight in one eye with surgery. When Fiona was completely healthy, she went to a new home with a loving family and 3 new doggie siblings.

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