When These Men Headed Off To The Mountains For A Bachelor Party Get Away, They Never Expected To Each Return Home With This [VIDEO]


It was supposed to be a weekend getaway in the Tennessee woods for a groom and his groom's men. But their weekend took an unexpected turn when a dog showed up at the door of their cabin - According to the groom-to-be, Mitchel Craddockis.

“The first morning we were there, we had the front door wide open and we’re cooking bacon. We look over at the front door to the cabin we’re staying in, there is a dog sitting there, sweet as can be but would not come inside,” Craddock said.

They started caring for the stray dog that they named Annie. They said she was very dehydrated and hungry. 

Then they noticed her acting strangely protective regarding a specific area in the woods.

“There was one spot in the woods if anything went by there she would leave us and take off barking and going crazy, and she would go to that spot and then she would eventually come back,” said Craddock. ” We connected the dots, we put everything together and we found a giant hole in the ground.”

Inside the hole, they found seven puppies whom they named Knox, Bear, Daisy, Gunner, Brimmy, Finn and Rose.


Although the mother was malnourished, the puppies were strong and healthy, just very dirty.

This bachelor party turned into a puppy party. Their weekend was not what they planned for but they each got a little something EXTRA from the trip. Since returning home the puppies have seen a veterinarian, and are healthy and happy.

All of the puppies and Annie have found forever homes with the groomsmen or their relatives.


Watch the video below:

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